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What happens if you are ill and cant make the occasion?
I have been DJ-ing 20 years and in that time I can only think of two occasions where there has been a problem. One was when I was hospitalised and my brother stepped in. The second occasion was the only time I had a dodgy diary and not notice a double booking of the same date, however another DJ covered for me. If there are any problems you will be the first to know of any changes.

What will you wear?
For a wedding I will wear a suit and tie or I generally wear a shirt with company name on pockets and back along with smart trousers. I can do a fancy dress theme, cowboy, father Christmas, Dr or T Bird.

Do you take requests?
I am always happy to take requests from the guests.

Do you use the microphone?
I use the microphone when I feel it necessary, I am always happy to give out announcements, First dance and food ready etc.

Are you insured?
I am insured for public liability, all equipment is insured and P.A.T tested, I am C.R.B / D.B.S checked as well!

What happens if equipment goes wrong?
I always try to carry spare equipment and being part of partnership there is always spares close at hand. 18 years without a glitch I think is quite an achievement!

Do you mind children at occasions?
I have no problem with children, I am a school caretaker as well so I am C.R.B / D.B.S checked. The children remain the responsibility of their family, I cannot be held responsible for there behaviour.

Will you play longer?
I am most happy to carry on providing I don’t have another booking, but there usually is extra charge and this needs to be paid before the extra time.

How much do you charge?
This really depends on how long and where the booking is. I aim to be cheap, affordable and reliable. I always charge a 50% non returnable deposit and the remainder of the payment must be made on the night in cash, before I start. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.